Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Vehicles: Hybrid Prius.

I heard a rumor that the top speed of the 2004 Toyota Prius (gas and electric hybrid) was 80 mph. This is not true. It can do over 100 mph without much trouble according to our sources. Here are some photos from the road (and one from a race track?) from a reporter who tested it for us.

The 2004 hybrid vehicle has plenty of power and it can go as fast as you like.

Passing people is no problem. Getting 60 miles per gallon of gas is also no problem. The Prius does have a slighly longer stopping distance than the 2003 Infinity G35 and it would probably not win a drag race head to head with one, but our driver who loves to drive fast had no problem with the power of this hybrid car.

The Prius is excellent, fun to drive and good for the environment.

Most people ask where you plug it in. You don't plug it in. You never charge it, you just fill it with gas. The brakes and the gas engine charge the big battery. There is also a small auxillary battery used to start the car.

There is a trick: you have to have your foot on the brake to start it. The car has an automatic transmission. When you get close to it with your electronic key, the door unlocks automatically. The best part is knowing that you are saving lots of money because you get up to three times as many miles from each gallon of gas compared to the others on the road. Since the world starting to run out of easily obtainable oil, this is a very smart and environmentally friendly car to own in the next few years as prices soar! Verdict: Get one!